Introduction of RAIC

1. What is RAIC?

       RAIC is established by China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) in 2017.

      RAIC is the abbreviation of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Conference and pronounced as “Lei Ke” in Chinese.

      The Chinese character "Lei" means thunder. In our context, it not only refers to the black technologies emerging endlessly, but also represents our attitude towards those cutting-edge technologies- the development of the future will be surprising and all you think about the future will be overturned.

      We use the Chinese character "Ke" to show the spirit of conquering, which means that in the boom of robotics and artificial intelligence technology, more and more top technical talents and scientific research institutions are involved and continually surpass people's expectations and imagination for the future. In RAIC, we present various cutting-edge technologies and cool products to the visitors.

      We hope to convey a new spirit- let’s overturn the future by using innovative technology together- to people who love robots and intelligent technology in a more up-to-date and novel way.

      Today, unmanned driving, deep learning, machine learning, unmanned aerial vehicle and other relevant words are no longer sophisticated academic terms. They have become hot topics that people talk about at leisure. The expectations of intelligent life have no longer been limited to science fiction and movies. It is getting closer and closer to our lives.

      We hope to make more people understand the profound significance of what the age of intelligence means to everyone and make them see it as a popular culture through RAIC.

      The RAIC 2017 was successfully held in Beijing. The Alliance for Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation was established there.  More than 100 honored guests showed up in the conference. The government leaders, business leaders, academicians, capital organizations, and entrepreneurs gathered together. The conference included a main forum, three sub-forums and the carnival with more than 30 high-quality authoritative speeches and over one thousand visitors. Hundreds of media made live reports simultaneously with various forms, including video, word and pictures, to over a million audiences. After the conference, stocks about robots and artificial intelligence rose sharply. RAIC became an annual event in the field of intelligence.

2. Date and Venue of the Conference

      Date: July 10 - 11, 2018

      Venue: Sai Xiang Hotel, Tianjin

3. Conference Content

       Main Forum (Morning): Main Forum of RAIC

       Sub-Forum I (Afternoon): China Robot Leaders Summit of RAIC

       Sub-Forum II (Afternoon): Artificial intelligence industry innovation Summit of RAIC

       Sub-Forum III (Afternoon): Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Investment and Financing Summit of RAIC

       RAIC Carnival (All-Day Long)

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